Asset Management


When it comes to managing assets for local, state and federal government agencies, Artisan Networking understands the complex needs of government agencies. Maintaining accurate, up-to-date fixed asset records has never been more important. Government regulation (e.g. GASB 34, OMB A-133) and an overall push towards greater fiscal transparency for organizations necessitates that assets above a certain capitalization threshold be tracking from acquisition through disposal.  We offer full service asset management as part of our project management suite of solutions.  Using our cloud based or on-premise software, the Artisan Business Intelligence System, provides robust next-generation asset management technology.  

If you are looking for a pure software solution, we offer the Artisan Business Intelligence System as a complete Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.  




Transparent Asset & Project Management with Artisan's Business Intelligence System (IBIS)

Visibility - Accountability- Reliability- Consistency 

IBIS is a Cloud based Enterprise Project and Asset Management application that revolutionizes remote Project and Asset Management. View the status of every Project and/or Asset on demand from your desktop, Tablet, or Smartphone. IBIS provides real-time information, images, and reporting needed to make immediate informed and collaborative decisions reducing Time and Costs on each project. 

IBIS provides the answers to your most critical project management and asset management questions in a simple, easy-to-use, install and maintain application.  With the power of Microsoft Azure, IBIS gives you the ability to respond to the following project and asset management issues.

#1 Asset and Inventory Tracking

Where is the inventory? Who verified transfer? What was shipped?  Who is in possession? What time was it delivered?

#2 Remote Crew Management

Where are your crews? Who is on site?  When did they arrive, how long did they stay, and what did they do?

#3 Project Documentation and Image Processing

What work is scheduled? Was progress verified?  Did any problems occur?


IBIS Mobile

IBIS mobile app extends the power of IBIS to everyone involved in the execution of a project.

The free iOS and Android app includes many features to improve the visibility and accuracy of all task required for the successful completion of a project.


    1.       Barcode Scanner with Geo Location

    2.       Barcode Grouping

    3.       Task Management

    4.       Task Approval

    5.       Asset Management

    6.       Photo Uploader

    7.       Photo Viewer

    8.       Office 365 User Access

    9.       Simple user access

    10.     User Check In/Out (Geo Location Confirmation)

    11.   New Task Notification

    12.   Push Notification (Site, Task & Work Notes)

    13.   Task Completion Approval Notification