Dark Fiber Services

Artisan Networking is one of the few proviers who offers secure and reliable fiber networking.  Our customers trust our industry experts and praise our collaborative approach to network design and delivery.  
And our fiber expertise doesn't end when we splice into your location! Following delivery, we actively monitor and maintain our network to ensure that even the most demanding organizations don't miss a beat. Leaders in the finance, hospitality, media and health care industries and government offices depend on Artisan Networking to ensure that their traffic reaches its intended destination swiftly and securely.  You should too.
Whether you are looking to lease or own network, we will help you create a fiber solution to keep your customers running and your CFO smiling.

Our Dark Fiber Services

Endless Connectivity Options – We are actively expanding our networks, which means that if we don’t already connect your A and Z, we do already have teams in place who can ensure a timely and cost-effective delivery.
Ownership and Financing Options – We can craft either a lease or an IRU for your networking needs or we can negotiate an all-out purchase of your own custom network.  This gives you incredible flexibility in terms of maintenance, management and financing and ensures that your network suits your current and future business plans.
Custom Combined-Services Solutions – With the option to combine our Dark Fiber services with any of our Lit Services options – including Ethernet, IP or Managed Wavelengths -- we can build you a network that accommodates all of your current and future transport needs.

Why Artisan Networking for Fiber Services?

Maintenance and Support -  responsive maintenance services allow you flexibility to reconfigure as you grow and ensure that you enjoy best in class uptime across your network
Optical Testing - Artisan Networking validates optic signal using the most cutting-edge technology to make sure you are receiving the most reliable service with minimum attunation
True Redundancy - While some providers view redundancy as just another industry buzzword, Artisan Networking actually deliver true redundancy across our entire network