Internet Access


Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services ensure high-speed Internet connectivity with solutions over both protected and unprotected network configurations. With speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 100Gbps, we can scale your services to suit your needs.
Artisan Networking connects with multiple peering partners offering connectivity typically only found in Tier-4 data centers.  With numerous DIA providers  Artisan Networking offer superior redundancy and connectivity while delivering high speed connectivity with industry-leading performance of 99.999% reliability and a 10 ms latency.  We engineer to keep you running when your DIA needs a back-up.
Transitioning to IPv6? We can handle that!
FiberLight's DIA services grow with you as you discover new requirements for IPv6 and 100 Gig Ethernet service, including LAN/PHY and WAN/PHY interfaces.

Why use Artisan Networking's Internet Service?

Countless Connectivity Options – Access to the Artisan Networking backbone network in our expansive metro networks and to multiple Tier 1 ISP’s operating global networks.
Speed & Performance – Consistent 10 GigE service from core to edge.
Efficiency – Optimized network with single AS#, no over-subscription on any customer port.
Security – Unprecedented security to deter DoS and other attacks.
Predictability – Redundant network ensures best-in-class uptime.  Convenient flat-rate pricing.
Cutting-Edge Technology – Meets IEEE Ethernet standards at all levels (10Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1Gbps, 10 Gpbs, 100 Gbps).  Seamless integration with emerging technologies, including IPv6.
Best in Class SLAs – Artisan Networking offers 99.999% reliability and 10ms latency.